Release Date: January 24, 2006
Reviewed by Nate Michayluk

What can be said about One Dead Three Wounded that isn’t said by their music. They are a progressive post-hardcore band from Philly, with a nasty disposition. With their almost melodic approach to the hardcore style, this band is what Robert Smith would sound like if he was in a hardcore band. Their music seams to surge with aggression. Their new full length album hit stores early 2006, and could be one of the best hardcore albums of ’06.

Song titles like Burning Bridges Is So 1999 and Cowboys Don’t Look Back, this 5 piece band has a very unique style of music. Dueling solos, heavy double bass, and unmatched break combined with screams that compel you to want to sing along, truly set this band ahead of most generic hard core and post-hard core bands.

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