Release Date: June 22, 2004
Reviewed by Jeff Brinn

From the first ear splitting riffs the legends of in your face rock n roll MOTORHEAD return with one of their strongest release in some time. “Inferno” puts to shame any thought that these hard drinking fools have any intentions of hanging up the boots of ass kicking rock n roll any time soon.

Unlike the last few release Motorhead have chose to explore territories out side their traditional head pounding brand of rock they have always been legendary of creating. Giving forth a more blues induced record; Lemmy and the boys have made an incredible release that works so well it’s hard to believe they have been hitting it hard for so many years. From the first track; featuring respected rock guitar legend Steve Vai, Motorhead kicks the listeners ass into over drive with high speed induced traditional hard rockin music only these veterans can bring to the table. Putting to shame so many half ass “so called” next big thing bands, Motorhead stick to their guns with middle finger in the air beer drinking real metal the way it should be. Rockin tracks like “Life’s A Bitch” are simply what prove Motorhead to be such an incredible band to say the least. Other highlights include the sludgy “In The Year Of The Wolf” and “Keys To The Kingdome” that are so heavily blues influenced you may find your self face down in sea of whiskey drowning in your own pitiful worries of self depression.

Easily my favorite would have to be the last track “Whorehouse Blues” that features a very stripped down acoustic side of Lemmy and Philip Campbell that has rarely been seen. If your not a fan of Motorhead I can only ask one obvious question, “why the f**k not”. As they say so proudly in Europe, UP The Irons.

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