Clutch – Robot Hive: Exodus

Release Date: June 21, 2005
Reviewed by Jeff Brinn

Jam rockers Clutch are back again in full force with their newest release that’s sure to kick some serious butt. Neil and the boys have firmly taken their brand of straight forward no frills swamp rock to even higher levels of excellence proving why they are some of the baddest mofo’s around. When most acts these days never seem to mature as artists Clutch simply get better from album to album proving that they are true artistic musicians in every aspect.

Robot Hive / Exodus hands down plays like a pure masterpiece of guitar driven rock that will easily reward any fan that adds this CD to their collection. This is as well in my opinion Clutch at their very finest as this release easily captures all the groove laden power from the first intoxicating cut that their die hard fans have come to expect (and more). I would dare say that this is going to be one of the best damn rock albums of 2005 with out a doubt in my collection.

With very little commercial industry appeal what so ever and very little radio air play Clutch have some how managed to keep a huge thriving fan base world wide that will devour this newest effort up with out any disappointment what so ever.

What’s begins as a very traditional Clutch album steadily ventures into the jam rock influenced side of an already well crafted band dead set on not being held into any musical typecast. Where most bands in the jam rock genra bore the listener into submission with dragged out 10 minute self indulged epics Robot Hive / Exodus rocks your ass from start to finish.

Clutch have consistently have put all their efforts into making some of the best damn straight forward foot stomping music to ever bless your dirty ears so please get the CD by all means and support the Pure Rock Fury. With all that said I can not stress enough that simply put (Clutch Rule). Nuff Said.


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