Unearth – Alive From The Apocalypse DVD Review

by Mirak Habbiyyieh / Schwegweb.com Alive From The Apocalypse is an awesome representation of what Unearth is all about. They represent Metal full on with loud music, raging crowds and the power to command them. Unearth are big supporters of having fun on and off the stage and this DVD captures the on stage portion. […]

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Unearth – III: In The Eyes Of Fire

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Release Date: August 8, 2005 Reviewed by Nathaniel Shannon Moshmetal. Cute hair. Girl pants. Everyone who likes “heavy music” is quickly becoming aware of the new wave of terrible fashion that co-exists with the new breed of “extreme” music. Where most hardcore bands of 6 years ago turn in the chugs for some dude that […]

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