Corktown2 5.20.13BackRoads with Phyllis has teamed up with Roshambo Promo & Capeside Records to bring you another night of fun at Corktown Tavern with 5 of Michigan’s (and not-so-far-from-Michigan) most promising pop-punk and hardcore bands. Tonight, Corktown Tavern will host The Better Fight, Lost Years, Cities & Years, Landstalker and Come Out Fighting in the unofficial kickoff to Summer.

Other than mass amounts of alcohol, what is the next best party stimulant to consume in excess with friends at a live show? Nope, the other thing…It’s pizza! We’ve turned this show into a pizza party to celebrate the amazing weather, beautiful city and the overall badassery of the bands we have lined up for you. The only thing better than pizza, is FREE pizza. Or, as we’ve been calling it all week: Free-za. There’s a ring to it, trust us.

For only 5 bones, come down to Corktown Tavern tonight to see a bunch of bands with the words “years” and “fight” in them, smash from free pizza, make some new friends and responsibly enjoy a few adult beverages (the show is 21+). What else were you planning to do on a Monday night? Laundry? Cut the grass? Psh, be real. Doors open at 9pm and the cheese and pepperoni goodness is limited so make sure you get there early, before we eat it all.

-BackRoads with Phyllis

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