Flint Eastwood Gets Their Bolo Tie On at The Loving Touch

Written By Mel Says & Nathan Ryall

BackRoads with Phyllis just spent the weekend partying at The Loving Touch in Ferndale with some of Michigan’s more notable bands from both sides of the mitten. Fresh off of a Friday night hardcore show at the LT, we thought we would change it up a bit with Saturday’s dancier lineup which included Flint Eastwood; a local indie, dance, rock four piece that has been getting quite a bit of attention around here, despite having no actual connection to the city of Flint. We’re not the only ones who think the Flint Eastwood moniker is ingenious; Real Detroit Weekly just named them “Best Local Band Name” in their Best Of 2012 Issue last week.

We snagged Jax Anderson, the vocalist guitarist/front person (because we like to be politically correct) for a quick conversation after their set to learn that Flint Eastwood prides themselves on the philosophy that creating honest music will draw people in. This theory was tested fairly quickly as our interview had a handful of frequent, yet polite interruptions from fans and friends, praising Anderson on a job well done that night. She greeted most of them by name and shared quick anecdotes with us about each smiling new or old friend. Most notably, she introduced us to a pal that had hosted a Flint Eastwood house party show a while back, and Anderson recalled that evening as, “The best show I’ve ever played in my life!”

This coming from a musician that has opened, on separate occasions, for Big Boi of Outkast fame and rapper T-Pain, both Grammy Award-winning artists. The fact that playing at a party to a houseful of rowdy local kids stands out among all other experiences shows that Flint Eastwood won’t soon forget the little people who helped them climb the ladder of notoriety in their short year-or-so existence.

The FE lineup has very recently shifted to include full time members Brian Pope on guitar, Mark Hartman on drums and Clay Carnill on bass behind Anderson’s outrageously energetic stage presence. That night at the Loving Touch, each member had a genuine connection with the crowd throughout the set, whether it was screaming lyrics right back at those in the front row or when Anderson demanded some dance moves from every single able-bodied human in the room. Even the dude on crutches was getting down! We’re assuming that was no easy feat given that the room was packed from wall to wall with supporters that night. Flint Eastwood produces such an exciting sound and passionate atmosphere that countless acts near and far, new and old will forever struggle for, but will most likely fall short of. This band just hits it.

The tenacity of their efforts is not going unnoticed by other avenues of entertainment such as the film industry. The band was invited to be featured on the original soundtrack for “Renee,” a film based on the true story that inspired the increasingly powerful movement To Write Love On Her Arms. This opportunity arose when Anderson sent a routine email blast with a demo attached to the editor of Florida’s Relevant Magazine, hoping for some press on her band but instead was asked to be in a movie. Not a bad trade, right?

“It was so surreal, guys! I fucking signed a paper and the next thing I know, I’m on a first class flight to Orlando to dance with Kat Dennings!” Anderson could barely contain her paroxysm of enthusiasm when telling the story of how they ended up doing a cameo in a movie that may or may not star Chad Michael Murray. Okay, that’s not why she was excited; but it is an unbelievable opportunity for any band to be affiliated with the TWLOHA team, which has garnered quite an impressive support network full of Flint Eastwood’s target music market.

Whether the movie ever gets released or kids get their hands on the soundtrack, Flint Eastwood plans to take a page out of the Rick Ross playbook and continue to hustle every day, playing shows wherever and whenever they can to make new friends and connect night after night with their growing fan base. We can tell by the genuine nature of the band and their pint-sized leader that they are making music for the right reasons and are sincerely honored for the opportunity to share their labor with anyone who will listen.


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