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Schwegweb: The album is great, what influences do you guys have that come out on this album?
Shannon Harris: “Thank you….the musical influences that surfaced in this album and help to keep us alive from day to day would be Faith no More….Jane’s Addiction…Helmet….”

Can you guys gives us alittle about how you guys formed and started?
” We have been a band for 11 years and we formed in Bakersfield Ca…three of us went to school together. Bill had seen Jeff play in a band and followed him home one night….no not a stalking type of following, and asked him if he wanted to play some music. Jeff knew Fat from another band and brought him in at one point. They can’t remember where they found me…”

Being signed has its advantages, what would you say they are?
“We were able to experience recording in a bad ass studio with a bad ass producer and engineer….you get to buy some time and really reflect on music without going to work at a job that is worthless…”

Has the music biz ever turned their back on you in any point in time?

How do you feel the crowd responds to you during a performance?
“We are a live band…which means…we live to play shows. The audience has a keen sense in picking out a band that is scared to play live…we are not and the folks fucking feed on it. The reactions we have had on tours have been awesome…no one has spit on us yet.”

What city has been the best so far, as in comfort and reaction to your music?
“The best cities have been Tulsa Ok and Salt Lake City Ut”

Was Family Values a huge exposure for you guys?
“Absolutely….that has been the best so far.”

If you could be another musician who would it be?
“I, Shannon, would be Brittany Spears so I could choke myself to death…no for real…I would probably be Elvis during his black leather years.”

If you could be any comic book character, who would it be and why?
“Spiderman…cuz I love insects. Insects are the most evolved living creatures and seeing as they always get stepped on but could survive almost any situation…I have a deep respect for them.”

Currently what do you have in your cd player?
“Portishead live an NYC.”

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