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Schwegweb: How did you come up with the name Rescue?

Alan Scheurman: “Juice (our guitarist) had an email address with the word “rescue” in it. We wanted a band name that could stand the test of time… a name that didn’t lump us into a specific genre… we tried adding words to rescue but decided that the word alone was strong enough.”

How long was the recording process for “volume plus volume” and did you feel that your label put any pressure on you during the recording process?
“We recorded “Volume Plus Volume” and our EP “Even People And Not The Odds” in about 2 weeks altogether with tracking and mixing. They were both recorded at the same time. The only pressure put on us by our label was that we had to record 17 songs in two weeks. Mark Haines was great to work with and Smart Studios was an amazing place to be.”

Out of all the influences, which ones came out on this album?
“That’s difficult to pinpoint.”

Has gotten signed changed the way you look at your music?
“Well, we’ve pretty much been working with Dead Droid from the start so i don’t think it’s changed the way we look at our music. Obviously, we want to sell more records and reach a wider audience but we still play what we want to play.”

Do you think music now-a-days has the substance that past music had?

“When looking at the larger picture, it might appear that music has lost it’s substance to pro tools and computer generated perfection, but i think there are a lot of really genuine bands and artists that aren’t affraid to show their guts. I’d say our songs are just as substancial or more than those of some past musicians.”

If you could tour with anyone who would you choose?

“We all have a dream list but touring with our friends is the best. We just got off of a tour with Choke from Canada and it was a lot of fun. I’d really like to tour with our friends in Moneen. Bands that aren’t afraid to be goofy on the road are ideal. We’re fruitballs. Piebald would be fun to tour with.”

What is one thing you couldn’t be on the road without?

“The van.”

What has been the best city for you guys?

“Every city we go to is worth it. We always get to meet awesome people and see new places. I’d say some of the most fun we had on this past tour was in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Doylestown, PA.”

What do you think makes your music more distinctive than other artists?
“Our music is very busy and angular. I think part of what makes it distinctive is that we write songs that you can follow but we don’t completely hold back on creativity. The structures aren’t formulated the same.”

Britney or Christina or Shakira?
“Boys II Men”

If you were stranded on a desert island and could only bring one thing what would it be?
“My guitar.”

What do you guys do for fun on the road? ps2? xbox? strip clubs?
“We don’t have video game systems let alone a TV and we’ve never gone to a strip club. We read books. For fun we pretty much just get stupid and goof around.”

If you could collaborate with any group or musician living or dead who would it be?
“The whole thing sounds a little intimidating to me.”

Do you allow your fans to audio/video your shows?
“We implore it.”

Whats your favorite brand of sneakers?
“New Balance but i just ordered some shoes from so we’ll have to see how these compare.”

Who is the wildest person in your band?
“The wildest person in our band is probably our new drummer, Ryan. Sean gets pretty rowdy sometimes though.”

What jobs did you have before the band?
“We all still work when we are home. I used to do telemarketing and desktop publishing. Juice delivers pizza. Sean assembles door handles. Ryan used to do telemarketing with me.”

How do you guys feel about your music being released on the internet?
“If kids get our entire record on the net i hope they know we have really nice artwork. heh. In some ways it’s good for promotion but when kids get the entire record and lose interest in purchasing it puts the bands in a bad spot. A lot of the songs on our record have things hidden in the negative tracking so you’d be missing out if you downloaded the songs.”

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