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What is your guys’ deal? What do you have out right now?
Our debut release is where you are, that’s I guess what we have going on right now. The single down is coming to a halt and were focusing on the next single which is everyone comes out on May 4th.

How would you describe your sound?
Our sound. I’m not sure, I always say just for lack of a better way of saying it. I think if Tom Petty was around today he would write stuff like we are writing. Around, like just starting out in his younger days. Like that singer songwriter type good hook music that Tom is really good at. I’d hope one day that I become the songwriter he is.

Do you think humans have a need to take care of each other?
I definitely believe that. I take care of the band, I try to anyways. I was going to be a psychologist and I decided not to. I went to school and decided that was a tainted system and decided to focus more on song writing as a way to help people.

What’s in your cd player?
Ben Kweller, one of my new favourites. Brite Eyes, I got al of his albums. Then of course we got the old 80 new wave shit going on. Actually the Highway Man I’m listening to right now. Also Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, a bunch of other guys, Roy Orbison, and George Harrison.

Seen any good movies?
I haven’t been able to go watch any movies lately but one of my favourites has to be Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas. Blow is another good one.

You know I finally realized you know in that last part when she is flipping out to the cops that he’s got cocaine in his trunk he’s a drug dealer but it wasn’t her fault.

Exactly see in that movie you want to feel so bad for George but its like fuck you cant because he was ultimately just doing something that was really bad. A song I wrote was all about that situation, who are you going to blame? Yourself.

Do you believe in violence as a way to solve problems?

Oh no. I have never been in a fight. I try not to. I got week wrists you know if I had strong wrists maybe id fight. No I don’t think violence is the way at all. But that’s what we are told, regardless whether I think its right or wrong, it’s going to be done anyways. There is the old saying one person can change a lot of things but I don’t think we live that long to be that one person. I hate fights and I also hate stupid people. People that try to provoke you.

Where are you from?
North West Florida. My town its like a two light town, I like it. About 45 minutes from Panama City. Its cool. If I want city life I go to Tallahassee. If I want the country bumpkin life I go to the river and fish all day. That’s two minutes from my house.

Are you a redneck?
No, well yeah I guess so. My mom was a hippie my dad was a red neck so it’s like that’s I was raised on Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash and things like that. That’s fine, that’s what I was brought up on.

Did you know there is no such thing as race, biologically?
Oh I believe that. I mean look around. There is not one person who is pure. I don’t think there ever has been, even though the bible tells us so. Who knows?

Are you religious?
I’m religious in my own right. My fundamental morals, basically be a nice person. Whatever that means is whatever that means. If everyone is a nice person then the philosophy is to each their own. Be who you want to be, I just hope you treat me okay and I will be alright with that.

A lot of musicians walk around saying kids look up to me but they are not my responsibility. It’s the parents responsibility, which is true but if you look at it Kids listen more to musicians than they do their parents.

Do you feel responsible as a musician?
That’s why I try not to cuss I try not to do whatever. I just try to write good songs where kids can walk away and just try to help them through those teen years. No fuck this fuck that, just shit you are going to be faced with in life, the stuff there is nothing you can do about. I believe musicians have a big rule in kids’ lives so I try to watch that.

What do you do when you get angry?
Hold it in, write a song, go write in a book. Something to gain from that anger, something positive. But I usually hold it in, at least I try to. It’s not healthy but everyone has their own way.

What are your plans for this summer?
I know you were on tour with Seether. Yeah that was a fun tour. On with Seether, Ra, and Noise Therapy. Yeah, Seether, they are great guys. Did you know mtv wont play there video because there is an explosion in the end, not even in the end because of explosives. Much music will play anything. Much music is my favourite channel. Anyways we are going on tour with 12 Stones and we hope to get back on tour with Seether. Then we are going to do a bunch of radio shows too, you know the big festivals. That’s what our summer is based around. It’s cool that they want us to come play.

Have heard Johnny Cash’s cover of Hurt?
Well Johnny can do any song and make it sound really good. Yeah that was awesome. I mean its just like he’s so old he almost died and that’s why a song like that makes sense. He’s been through so much, a tough life. He’s got a lot of years on the road and he’s about to die, so yeah. They are working on a Johnny Cash movie right now with Juaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash.

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