Dredg – El Cielo

Release Date: Cotober 8, 2002
Reviewed by John Duchak

Dredg’s second release, El Cielo, is the best record that you’re most likely not listening to. In a period of music where most rock bands just slap together albums and ship them to radio, it is rare to see musicians striving to create a cohesive masterpiece. Simply calling El Cielo a record could never do it justice. Dredg has unleashed upon us a musical experience, a journey that has rarely been seen since the days of Pink Floyd.

The band’s arrangement is simply stunning, with Dino Campanella’s drums and Drew Roulette’s bass leading you through the music. Dredg’s music is anything but predictable. Take their track ‘Sanzen’ for instance, which builds up during its intro with a fierce attack of guitar and drums only to breakdown into a soothing, rolling melody that is simply a delight. Dredg’s songs all possess an epic quality, which can certainly be felt during most of their choruses by the complex and powerful guitars of Mark Engles. The soothing and melodic verses lead into a passionate chorus where front man Gavin Hayes truly unleashes his vocal talent. Lyrically profound and inspiring, Gavin’s vocal offerings are both soothing and uplifting feelings of complete tranquility. Coming together with their vast range of musical talents, which include the piano and mandolin, Gavin’s voice complements the music perfectly.

While Dredg does not bring something incredibly innovative to the table, El Cielo is an incredible record which is a welcome deviation from the course of most modern rock acts. Instead of being a record that’s meant to hook the masses into catchy melodies and familiar riffs, Dredg tap into their vast creativity and talent to create a truly wonderful and awe-inspiring record.

This is definitely one of the best records of 2002, and I highly suggest that any fan of the musical arts check it out.



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