Release Date: March 27th, 2012
Reviewed By Nathan Holt

If you are Shinedown and you decide to make a new album, what do you do after making such a monstrously successful album like their previous The Sound of Madness? You change it up and try something new. In comparison to their previous album The Sound of Madness, their newest creation, Amaryllis, is a collection of songs that’s got a little something for everyone to love.

Their fourth album takes a more lyrical approach on the world and life’s issues, but does have a few points to remind you of previous albums. Along with lead singer Brent Smith’s powerfully strong voice, guitarist Zach Myers, bassist Erick Bass and drummer Barry Kerch form a musical juggernaut that makes this albums full of hits.

Don’t expect just a bunch of hard rocking songs like their previous work. While there are a few like “Adrenaline,” their hit single “Bully,” ” Enemies” and “Nowhere Kids,” a good majority of the almost forty-five minute album consist of songs with very strong, deep and positive messages.

Kicking off the album is the song “Adrenaline,” which like it’s name, is a fast paced reminder of past tracks like “Sound of Madness” and “Devour” off their previous album, followed by their popular single “Bully.” Afterwards, the pace slows down for the album’s title track “Amaryllis” which describes the album as a bulbous plant by its definition and lyrics, waiting to open up and bloom. The song “Unity” follows, urging listeners to not give up when things get you down and to “put your hands in the air.” It gives a great feel that seems like one of those songs that you can close your eyes and picture being played live.

“Enemies” picks up the pace, while “I’m Not Alright,” has a bright sound with the added synthesizers as backing. “Nowhere Kids” brings back the rock beat, with the song “Miracle” reminding you vaguely of “Second Chance” that was written about when Brent began to see how his son sees the world. “I’ll Follow You” is a nice mellow song that will be probably be used for dances with how it flows.

“For My Sake” speeds things up slightly with the harder and more aggressive “My Name (Wearing Me Out) after. “Through The Ghost” wraps up the album with an orchestral backing that makes the song one of the slower, but more epic tracks on the album. Whether you’re a longtime fan or just coming on board to the Shinedown bandwagon, after only one listen the songs will start to become memorable.

Just listen to the album a couple of times. I guarantee that you’ll be hooked and singing along in no time.

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