Release Date: November 4th, 2011
Reviewed By Nathan Holt

What do you get when you throw together horns, guitar, a smooth reggae beat and sprinkle in some rock? You get the seven member French band Drunksouls. Their newest album named Revolution is an interesting one to say the least. Not only did they have abstract cover art, but they blended reggae, punk and rock to get a mellow album that is quite different from the mainstream music of today. At times it can be described sound wise as an early Gorillaz album.

The first song “Uniform” begins with a strange beat that flows into an eerie organ tune that gives away to some nifty guitar riffs. The sixteen song album is a little over an hour in length and varies between tempos. Some tracks like ” J’ai fait un reve,” ” L’amour diététique” and “Studium w Bieli” are completely in French, so English speaking audiences may have a difficult time understanding them. But they still have the same mellow tone as the rest of the album. Another track, “Sullivan Story,” is also in French, but has a nice upbeat pace that will get your toes tapping. The final track “The End” has a surreal feel that flows perfectly into the first song again if you happen to have the CD on repeat.

While most people will choose to pass on this album because some of it is in French, or because Drunksouls blended genres, however I feel it’s worth a listen purely because of its uniqueness.

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