Release Date: August 29, 2000
Reviewed by Chris Schwegler

TINFED and their album Tried + True, (the Third Rail Records/Hollywood Records debut), are immediately distinguished by contagious hooks and innovative guitars mixed with live breakbeats and dark, contemplative lyrics.

With “Immune” expressly chosen by Mission: Impossible 2 producers for the soundtrack, TINFED will compel a new world of listeners. TINFED is based on a longstanding camaraderie, but it is the diverse talents each member brings to the table that gives the band its power. Rooted in different music scenes – electronic and rock – TINFED gracefully brings the two together in a sound that is not unfamiliar. Their long time love of electronic music translates into a unique rock sound that is fresher, less affected, with a direct nod to pop song structure.

This album has it’s own personallity. They combined techno beats with rock-n-roll and they do it with class. Personally one of the many bands that gets hidden from the charts and radios, but hopefully these guys get through. If you have a chance to hear or see them, do it, i recommend it.

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