Release Date: May 21, 2002
Reviewed by Jeff Brinn

Another fine release from Pantera front man Philip Anselmo. Superjoint Ritual is yet another so-called side project with members Jimmy Bower of Eyehategod, JoeFazzio of Hank Williams the 3rd, Hank Williams the 3rd himself and friend Kevin Bond.

Use Once and Destroy is what metal is in desperate need of now. Not to say that their is any thing really ground breaking here for the listener but like the old saying goes “If it aint broken don’t fix it”. This is a straight forward brutal onslaught of speed metal riffs covering songs written as far back as 1989 with power that seems forever timeless. Where nu-metal bands feed of off each others hip hop laden beats and image of the week looks, Superjoint Ritual play heavy metal that would even make satan grin with utter pleasure. The production is as rough as the songs compiled for this album which seems to fit like a well worn glove.

If you are a Pantera fan but the last Down album was just a little to mellow for your liking, Superjoint Ritual will fill your devilish need for that power. It’s refreshing to know that their still is someone in the metal realm that hasn’t let money or fame cloud their vision of just making really kick ass music with no other angel.

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