Release Date: March 22, 2005
Reviewed by Jeff Brinn

Devin Townsend and Strapping Young Lad have returned to the battle front and a mighty return it is. The ever popular knob twister studio wiz has easily put forth one of his strongest release yet with his evil cohorts. Devin has regrouped his mighty formation to spew forth an incredible slab of metal that’s sure to kick the underground’s ass world wide.

Strewn thru out “Alien” Strapping Young Lad easily lay to waist all in their way with a healthy dose of metal chops and up-tempo thrash blasts that they have oh so mastered to an art form all their own. Skin thrasher Gene Hoglan is so damn tight and heavy on “Alien” that this may just be the finest he’s played since his early days tearing it up the thrash masters Dark Angel dare I say. The production of “Alien” as well is incredibly textured and fine tuned as should be expected with the skills that Devin Townsend holds in his twisted cranium behind a mixing board. Adding to the already fine song writing thru out this metal masterpiece is the usually feeling of utter confusion and anger that some how works wonders for Strapping Young Lad.

It’s a great change to finally get something of quality in these days of so-called metalcore and Hot Topic influenced rock music of today. Strapping Young Lad seems to fill the void for what real fans of hard edged metal music have offered to them in today’s market. Mr. Townsend has always had so much to offer the metal community and with this most recent release proving beyond a doubt that he can throw down there just might be a very bright future ahead for these thrash leaders. I’m sure that “Alien” will be easily overlooked due to the corporate rock industry saturating the market with fashion friendly bands that seem to arrive as fast as they fall so clamp your dirty little paws on to this metal smorgishborg and inflict some mental harm.

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