Skindred – Babylon

Release Date: August 31, 2004
Reviewed by Jeff Brinn

Hailing from South Wales comes one damn impressive band of pure reggae rock fury. Featuring members of the now de-funked Dub War, Skindred are a fearless act set on making a huge dent on the stale music industry. With a blend of metal induced dance beats sure to rock dance floors across the world this may be the perfect time for such a diverse sound.

“Babylon” has such a potent onslaught of diverse cuts it may be hard for listeners at first to absorb this blended mix of musical concoctions. Flowing effortlessly unlike so many new releases of the present Skindred may have tapped into a future trend that may prevail in an industry in desperate need of fresh sounds. Mixing such a variety of infectious influences including dancehall, reggae, metal, techno and hip-hop Skindred are easily a band all their own. Imagine 311 with a huge metal sound and throw in a little Bad Brains and you get the idea. Songs like “Kiss and Make Up”, “Nobody”, “Babylon”, “Set It Off”, “Pressure”, and “Bruises” are sure to rock your ass harder then ever.

With the demise of the corporate over kill of Nu-Metal and labels scrambling to find the next big thing Skindred may have success firmly in their reach. If you are at all an open minded listener in desperate need of a fresh sound “Babylon” surely has a little bit for every one.


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