Release Date: April 17, 2007
Reviewed by Mirak Habbiyyieh

Once you hear that name, Six Feet Under, you know what to expect. “Commandment” is a brutal metal album that sounds like the rest of their albums, which is what Six Feet Under fans are looking for. They stick to the same format, and that’s what works for them.

Keeping the crushing rhythms, and thumping double bass drums with detuned guitar riffs, Chris Barnes angry vocals stand out as usual.
Barnes lyrics cover death, destruction, blood and gore. No surprises here, to keep the fans going, but not gaining any new ones along the way.

Metal fans will love that its production is better than past Six Feet Under releases, but still the album felt rushed. There won’t be any hit singles from Six Feet Under any time soon, but there are a few tracks that stuck out to me. “Thou Shall Kill” just started off ready to destroy, which is what keeps you hooked for more. “Bled to Death” also keeps with the crushing riffs and pounding drums that gets the blood flowing faster. “Ghosts of the Undead” has a slower tempo chug than the rest, with a ripping solo all the while still delivering the heaviness that metal fans love.

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