Release Date: March 19, 2002
Reviewed by Vin Cherubino

Punk music rarely has ever given me a rush like metal does. Most punk bands really have barely any talent whatsoever. Of course there are exceptions like Green Day, Pennywise, Bad Religion, Midtown and quite a few others which are nothing short of amazing, but mainly the genre is lacking to me. The problem with most punk bands is that they use the same stupid power chords, the same stupid bpm, and the singers have no idea how to sing and sound like crap most of the time. Schatzi’s new LP gives me a new reason to have faith in punk bands.

Talent and originality are present throughout the album. I swore I heard a xylophone in there, along with a few other weird sounds. Schatzi strays from the power chord driven style of punk and mixes a few complex riffs along with the usual power chords. They complement quite nicely. It’s good to actually be able to understand a singer, especially with punk. A very different approach to the current mainstream Blink 182 (crap), the cd is welcome to those who actually have taste in music. The style is mostly that of Unwritten Law, another band that I really like.

Schatzi is a great addition to the collection of anyone that wants that punk edge, yet doesn’t want to get too hardcore and enjoy a melody instead. Even though it’s good melody wise, it’s a little too boring for the people looking for aggressive music.

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