Release Date: October 8, 2002
Reviewed by Vin Cherubino

Based on what this album has to offer, it just affirms why I liked Van Halen so much better when David Lee Roth was their frontman.

Being a fan of 80’s rock/metal, I expected a much better outing then what I heard. You’re not supposed to be bored when you’re listening to rock, hell you’re not supposed to be bored ever, but Sammy does the trick. His voice is still as sharp as it was 10-15 yrs ago, but who cares when the material you’re working with is that bad? Even when they try to rip off Led Zeppelin the band still manages to sound terrible. The same clichés of 80’s music that everyone hates are all here, complete with incredibly stupid choruses and weak songwriting. “Halfway to Memphis” is the only standout track on the entire album. Had the album had the same effect that one song does, it could have been a classic. For some reason, the album seems very rushed. Maybe with a little more time Sammy could have come up with a much better representation of him and his band. Instead, pick up Sammy’s previous two albums if you’re looking for a much better rock experience.

Not 4 Sale? Or shouldn’t be for sale? You decide.

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