Release Date: May 20, 2003
Reviewed by Vin Cherubino

After a somewhat disappointing previous album “Not for Sale”, Sammy Hagar redeems himself with “Hallelujah”, the brand new live CD containing many of his greatest hits. Hagar also debuts his new song “Hallelujah”, putting together a very nice package that Hagar fans are very likely to grab.

The quality of the live recording is excellent. The live effect really enhances the songs, and in some case makes them sound better than the original recordings. The band plays perfectly throughout the whole set, never missing a beat. Blazing solos and crisp, driving distortion flow ever so smoothly from the guitars. The entire CD reminds you that Hagar can still rock with the best, and brings back 80’s nostalgia in full effect. Younger generations of Hard Rock fans can even appreciate the quality of the songs, and the talent of both the band and Hagar himself. Throughout each song Hagar proudly displays why he is one of the most recognizable names in Rock. Gary Cherone, the newest singer for Van Halen, also surprisingly makes a guest appearance on “When It’s Love”. If the listener can’t enjoy songs like “Heavy Metal”, “I Can’t Drive 55”, “Mas Tequila”, “3 Lock Box”, “One Way to Rock”, and “Shaka Doobie”, then that person is not a fan of Rock music. If you were reluctant to listen to Hagar’s solo material after he left Van Halen, this CD is a perfect pick up to catch up on what you’ve missed.

The new song is a treat for fans of Hagar, although it’s nothing spectacular, it’s still better than any song on “Not for Sale”, and completes the CD ending on a high note. No Rock fan should be without this CD, it’s a reminder of how good rock music used to be, and shows that even at 50+ years old, Sammy can still rock with the best.

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