Release Date: August 12, 2008
Reviewed by Jeff Brinn

With the major label music industry seemingly on its last leg bands like Pop Evil are quickly wielding a mighty sword in the battle of independent releases. Lip Stick On The Mirror is a fine example of what can be done if a band digs deep inside themselves and works its own product instead of relying on others to full fill their rock star dream. Debuting at 16 on the Soundscan New Artists chart Lip Stick On The Mirror proves that it doesn’t take a major label backing to make an impact. Gone are the days of pimping yourselves out for a measly low ball percentage and half ass record promotion.

From the first blistering cut “Hero” you’re bombarded with a very thick textured hard hitting mixture of the well crafted duel guitars of Tony Greve and Dave Grahs. Bassist Matt DiRito and drummer Dylan Allison effortlessly maintain incredibly catchy grooves that contribute commercial radio friendly hooks with out sounding trendy and frankly like pussys. Lead vocalist Leigh Kakathy blends well crafted vocals and a sincere power making tracks like Hero, Somebody Like You, 100 In A 55, and so many other songs chart toppers in the rock genre. Deeply rooted in straight forward power rock POP EVIL ain’t scared to bring back the guitar solo that so many others have all out buried. Mixing the riff orientated power of such groove driven bands like Nickelback and Threedays Grace-POP EVIL easily will climb up the radio charts if they can keep up what obviously seems to be working for them now.

There are so many potent ional hits on this fine release it’s hard to just pick a few favorites. Pop Evil easily have a lot to celebrate with Lip Stick On The Mirror then just a one hit wonder future cut out bin slap of plastic so check it out if your seeking some in your face power rock.

The rest of the year finds Pop Evil hitting the road with the like of Puddle Of Mud and Tesla so be sure to catch em in a city near you and give em the support they deserve.

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