Release Date: August 3, 2004
Reviewed by Jeff Brinn

Establishing themselves as one hell of a rockin live act, Nonpoint return with their 3rd release, “Recoil”. Already an incredibly powerful live act to say the least, these Florida natives are hell bent on tearing up radio air waves with their brand of heavy laden melodic rock.

“Recoil” easily captures the heavier edge sound that Nonpoint has always been know for as a touring act which is a huge bonus. Vocalists Elias Soriano has one potent of a voice and now has proven beyond a doubt that he can stand up to the best of em. “Recoil” surprisingly is far more melodic then past efforts from these Ft. Lauderdale natives showing maturity as well as commitment. Leaning further from the nu-metal ties that have kept them thrown into this genera Nonpoint have attempted to make a straight forward rock record and at times works pretty damn well. Tracks like “The Same”, “The Truth”, “Rabia” and “Done it Anyway” stand out as very solid songs that will surly please Nonpoint fans aching for a heavier record. Although like most releases these days there are plenty of filler tracks that take away the momentum that “Recoil” builds from the first cuts. Another big downfall is the weak choice of including the classic 80’s Phil Collins hit “In the Air Tonight” which seems so meaningless to be included.

With 13 tracks in all, “Recoil” tends to drag on a bit with song after song becoming a little redundant but in the end Nonpoint have released an above average album worthy of giving it a good listen.

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