Release Date: April 19, 2005
Reviewed by Jeff Brinn

Famed L.A. indy label Triple X has done it again with the release of industrial rockers Nocturne’s newest effort “Guide To Extinction”. This killer release is sure to bring the extremely electric induced sounds of Nocturne to the higher grounds of musical notoriety if they play their cards right.

This industrial onslaught takes the listener on an extremely dark roller coaster ride of heavy electronic raw edged riff rock in the vein of such elite artists as N.I.N. The Cure, and K.M.F.D.M. to name just a few. With the mesmerizing sexy vocals of Lacey Conner Nocturne easily lay to waste any future chick rock comparisons that tend to follow such acts in this realm of rock n roll. More then just a mantel piece, Lacey Conner holds her own as a very strong front woman for an already fine tuned monster of a band. Blending the low end bass driven sound that has made bands such as Korn a house hold name Nocturne mixes a slew of other influences with out sounding anything close to what is infesting today’s rock industry. Sharing the stages opening for such artists as Pigface, Ministry, and King Diamond Nocturne has brought their extremely potent live show to fans across America to rave reviews. As well as being featured in such films as “The Attic Expeditions” and “Wishcraft” this L.A. export have been very strong supporters of such active organizations as PETA and Green Peace to name just a few. Helping spread their beliefs of getting active on making a change Nocturne are strong supporters of self awareness and animal rights with out sounding cliche or trendy.

If you’re looking for something fresh and filled with industrial fueled metal riffs by all means search this one out, you won’t be let down.

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