Lo-Pro – Lo-Pro

Release Date: September 30, 2003
Reviewed by Scott Olivenbaum

Following in the footsteps of the critically acclaimed Ultraspank is difficult but Lo Pro managed to do it well. After the ‘spank’s demise, guitarist Neil Godfrey and singer Pete Murray helped form the new group and went underground. Whispers abounded but no one had any idea of what they would do.

Well, all they did was produce a solid hard rock album. Their self-titled release, which was released on Staind’s 413 imprint, is 12 tracks of quality listening.

Much like Ultraspank, Lo Pro uses one or two word names for their songs. Unlike their caustic predecessor, Lo Pro is very rock radio friendly. The songs have sweet hooks, primarily stemming from Murray’s vocals. He mostly stays away from yelling and growling, instead he explores the range of his voice. The result is catchy choruses and broad, emotional verses.

The rest of the band, which is made up of former members of Snot and Godsmack stays tight and amplifies the emotions in the lyrics. The guitar lines strum or hit the thick chords; the bass backs them up while at times taking good liberties. The drums pound and crash and, blissfully, they are mixed properly so they don’t drone any other element out.

Despite being a blatantly commercial release, Lo Pro is a very enjoyable listen. It should inject new life into rock radio playlists that have been drowning in puddles of mudd and other dreck.



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