Release Date: June 8, 2010
Review by Mirak Habbiyyieh

Lo-Pro released their debut in 2003, then a new album teaser EP in 2009 and now in 2010 the much-anticipated album “The Beautiful Sounds of Revenge” is upon us.  What took so long?  I’m not sure, but man I’m glad this is going to see the light of day.   Lo-Pro features Pete Murray, Neil Godfrey, Pete Ricci, Jerry Oliviera, and Tommy Stewart who have delivered an excellent addition to their resume.

The Beautiful Sounds of Revenge starts with great rock riffs that set the tone for the rest of the album. This album combines heavy influences from bands they previously were in.  I could definitely feel a lot of Ultraspank peeking its head into a few of these songs. Which is great, because I loved that band.  Pete’s vocals are fantastic all throughout the Beautiful Sounds of Revenge.  I totally get lost in his vocal skills in every song; so much I almost block everything else out, like he puts me in a trance.

Neil & Pete’s guitar riffs have the hard rock chunk, but still deliver a fantastic rhythmic feel.  The bass riffs also stand out to me, which is rare, but Jerry delivers a great performance on the low end to keep the songs tight.  Tommy does a great job behind the kit keeping the hard rock feel, but not going over the edge.  The Beautiful Sounds of Revenge ends with a great melodic song, which just slowly closes out an incredible ride in which Lo-Pro take us on.

Full on rock songs to sweet melodic pieces, Lo-Pro have captured a must have for fans of their last album, Ultraspank or Staind.  I can totally see Lo-Pro combining electric live sets along with acoustic, because these songs can go either way and still be fantastic.

Stand out songs: Texas, Wasting Away, Ingenious, Early Morning Anger, & Letting Go

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