Lifer – Lifer

Release Date: August 14, 2001
Reviewed by Chris Schwegler

Does anyone remember Strangers with Candy from MTV’s “Ultimate Cover Band Contest” Series? You have just found them. I have loved these guys ever since their appearance on that show.

Since then they have come out with an album on Republic, which was produced by Alex Lifeson from Rush. You would think it would take them a long to get on some big touring bills and have to play small clubs, but not Lifer, they toured with likes of Cold, Dope, and Saliva. Big change from 2 years ago.

As for the album, its good, but its your usual rock/rap album that everyone and there brother has come out with flooding the market. But for some reason Lifer sticks with me. I usually skip over most rap/metal or rapcore or rock/rap albums, but this one I can’t put down. You can tell their influences on the album come from Tool and STP.

Tracks to watch out for, “My Room”, “Boring”, “Blurred”, and “Breathless”. Overall this album is good. Take a listen and you never know. This album is a listen, not a buy.


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