Release Date: January 13, 2004
Reviewed by Jeff Brinn

I have to be very honest by saying I was incredibly skeptical that this would by any means make sense as a metal release. Sure ICED EARTH have made a great contribution to the power metal genera but writing a whole album documenting world military history (Civil War era) seemed like career suicide to say the least.

The bands 8th album The Glorious Burden surprisingly is one potent release showcasing an incredible concept album that some how works very well to much surprise. ICED EARTH mastermind Jon Schaffer’s heavy interest in history has proved to give him the requirements to put forth a very in-depth look into such past events displayed in such songs as Valley Forge, and the 32-minute epic Gettysburg to name just a few. Joining ICED EARTH on vocals is former Judas Priest screamer Tim Owens; easily one of metals strongest front men. Tim is nothing less then a powerhouse giving ICED EARTH an undeniably stronger sound taking the band into a whole new realm. Joining ICED EARTH as well is drummer Richard Christy, (former DEATH skin pounder) long time bassist James MacDonough, and guitarists Ralph Santolla.

If you’re a fan of Iron Maiden then this release is a must. Not to say that ICED EARTH are Maiden clones by any means, they just have the power that Maiden are so famous for. Shortly after this release keep a look out for ICED EARTH’s first ever DVD titled Gettysburg. This endeavor will feature footage of the recording sessions with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra (featured on the epic song Gettysburg) as well as a fully animated video for this song.

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