Gizmachi – The Imbuing

Release Date: May 3, 2005
Reviewed by Jeff Brinn

Obviously a very pissed off band, Gizmachi rear their ugly heads with one mighty furious metal release. Not just another meta-core band to add to the never ending list of rehashed 3 chord down-tuners, this band lays many to waste. With a mixture of so many obvious influences Gizmachi manages to take a well worn sound and re-invent it with sincerity all their own.

Sure all the patented grinding riffs and screaming vocals are prominent like that of so many other acts these days but “The Imbuing” easily brings more to the plate in one song them most bands do on an entire album. Off beat time changes and hypnotic back up vocals is a very strong feature that adds to an already original sound making this N.Y. export stand out firmly above the rest. Being that this is a band that the artistic mind of Slipknots Shawn Crahan has released on his new label Big Orange Clown there is going to be the obvious Slipknot comparisons. This is by no means a Slipknot rip off, if any thing Gizmachi take things to the next level of metal mayhem if that’s even possible. Not afraid to mix it up by any means “The Imbuing” blends the abusive gutter screaming vocals with soothing vocals giving Gizmachi a much broader sound then others in this realm of metal.

Ozzfest fiends will eat up the head splitting, neck pulverizing sounds of these guys with out a doubt. Not to say Gizmachi are here to save the world of metal, it’s just that these guys seem like the real deal. No over hyped bullshit or what’s hot for the week fashion sense, just straight forward abusive in your face metal. If you’re on a quest for that hard edge experimental band that still keeps its feet firmly planted in metal Gizmachi is a great bonus for your collection.


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