Release Date: August 13, 2002
Reviewed by Vin Cherubino

Flipp is the 80’s band of the new millennium. Flipp’s new CD feels like a complete time warp back to a time when the pants were tight, hair was long, and crap music flooded the airwaves. These guys gained some national exposure back in 1997 when they won a nation wide MTV “unsigned” band contest. Thousands of bands sent in videos and the staff at MTV along with Rob Zombie, sifted through the tapes and chose Flipp’s self produced video of their version of The Who’s classic, “My Generation”. Winning the contest granted the band a trip to Detroit to open a concert featuring The Ramones, The Misfits, and White Zombie as well as being the feature of the MTV “Warming up the Zombie” TV special. The show featured the band being interviewed by Kennedy and showed them playing live at the concert. The video was also shown frequently on MTV’s 120 Minutes video show.

There is a huge Cheap Trick presence throughout the record, and they even parody themselves quite heavily with the song “Cock Rock”. The main aspect you can pick up is that these guys are out to have fun. All the songs have a good old fashioned hard rock theme to them. Fans of heavier, darker music need not apply.

It’s hard to decide where the music leans to, a punk side or a hair metal side. Either way it’s not something everyone can tolerate. As a fan of darker, heavier music, it just feels like something that you’d switch off if someone came up to you and started to listen. Anyone that lives and breathes 80’s rock will absolutely love the CD though.

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