Release Date: October 30, 2001
Reviewed by Andy Schwegler

First impressions are everything. While they might not provide the best view, they are definitely the strongest. With this said, the debut effort “Through the Eyes” by Flaw shoved a very “nu-metal” feel in my face. While I don’t like to use that term, it definitely is the best way to describe this album.

The first track “Only the Strong” reminded me so much of Disturbed I almost stopped listening to it alltogether. After regaining my composure and getting over the fact that Flaw’s frontman has such a similar voice to that of Monkey man, I found the rest of the album to have some very good qualities. Musically, they provide a huge variety. From a full onslaught of metal in songs like “Payback” to a more of a Tool-esque progressive sound on songs like “My letter” and “Out of Wack”. I find the best track on this album to be “Best I am” and “One more Time” because they are a throw back from the “I am Metal as fuck” attitude that is brought from the majority of the songs. Even though Frontman Chris Volz’s screaming voice has an awesome quality to it, I still prefer the less in your face tracks of the album because they don’t sound so much like what’s out there in mainstream metal right now.

This album is perfect if you just want 13 tracks of jamming for your car, but it ultimately runs thin in the long run.

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