Everclear – Slow Motion Daydream

Release Date: March 11, 2003
Reviewed by Sonya Sutherland

Do you want me to buy you a new life? I don’t want to, but Art from Everclear does. And maybe while he’s buying you a new life you can buy him a new formula for songs.

The problem with Everclear is they write the same song over and over again. Everclear is a talented band, there is no question. Even though their songs all sound alike, it is obvious that the band is proficient with there instruments and capable of writing complex songs. Art has a great voice, and the second track on the album, “Black Jack” gives the hope that this might be a great album. The song is peppy and kinda makes you want to jump around, but then instead of maintaining this energy, Everclear returns to the same old structure. The lyrics are silly and simple, but not simple in a Nirvana way, simple in a boring annoying way. Art needs to stop going yeah, yeah.

After four songs, this album is noxiously repetitive. If you are an Everclear fan you will probably like this album, if not that spend your money elsewhere.



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