Release Date: August 27, 2002
Reviewed by Vin Cherubino

A good classic metal CD will occupy your CD player for years and years to come. Dragpipe’s southern style nu metal debut on Interscope will occupy your CD player for about 20 minutes.

Dragpipe is notably southern influenced; with a bit of Corrosion of Conformity’s style of lyrical assault as well as Union Underground simplicity mixing its way into the blend. The hard-driving, adrenaline-inducing pace of the music never lets up, but also never ceases to change, leaving a somewhat boring experience after awhile. It seems that the band tried to stretch a few riffs into a full album’s worth of material. Singer Jai Diablo does a decent job extending the reach of the band’s music through a powerful, rough lyrical performance. Songs like “Diablo Handshake” show the potential of the band when they are at their best as shown on this album.

Avid nu metal fans looking for anything to satisfy their musical craving will be amused by Dragpipe for a little while, and then will quickly forget it. There isn’t anything very original that gives any identity to the band whatsoever. Everything is very simplistic, and seems to be a mixture of other bands’ music. The same song seems to be playing the entire time you listen to the CD. For their next release, much work is needed on broadening the guitar range and complexity of the music. Doing so could provide a very enjoyable album, but for now Dragpipe is a low- end product of nu metal culture, and not much more.

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