Release Date: August 26, 2008
Reviewed by Maureen Vana

In the middle of constant touring and world domination, DragonForce has found the time to record and release another full length album, Ultra Beatdown. Fans of the Dragonforce sound will not be disappointed as the group does little to change their style of lengthy tracks that highlight super speed and elaborate solos.  The album does little to transcend new ground for the band, but if you have a good thing going it is best to not go poking at it with a stick.

Ultra Beatdown comes complete with token ballad “A Flame For Freedom” and lyrics based in a realm of fantasy that have now become standard DragonForce packaging. The eight tracks totaling almost an hour of music will once again leave listeners wondering how exactly they can keep up that pace. DragonForce will continue churning out the goods until ZP runs short of references to eternity, stories of epic journeys, and vocal stylings wrapped around elemental based storms.

Diving into Ultra Beatdown with expectations of something fresh or with more grit will only lead to an awful blow to the head.  The album is an extension of previous material and when taken lightly will provide pure power metal joy.  Be warned, this is keyboard heavy, this is over the top, this is DragonForce.

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