Disturbed – Believe

Release Date: September 17, 2002
Reviewed by Vin Cherubino

Disturbed’s follow up to their double platinum debut will satisfy cravings of “the sickness” for a few songs, but overall, the album falls short of the splendor that their debut album was.

Disturbed changes their purely aggressive sound into something more emotional and based more around lyrical experimentation. In the process of showing what singer David Draiman can produce outside of his unique screaming, Disturbed takes the tempo and the aggression of their music down a notch, leaving fans seeking a pit-fueling experience much to be desired. Songs like “Bound”, “Awaken”, and “Intoxication” save the CD from being a disappointment, as these songs provide just enough of the uncompromising Disturbed that everyone knew of to satisfy those in need. “Awaken” should have been the first single. This outstanding song has everything going for it, compelling lyrics, pulse quickening guitar crunch, and a catchy chorus that forces you to sing along to. Had the album had the same effect, it could have been an instant classic. Intentionally softening your music to make it more radio friendly is just wrong. Hopefully this isn’t the case and Disturbed returns to their heavier roots in the near future.

To a more hardcore audience, the album falls short of expectations. Fans that were expecting something more experimental will be pleased in the new direction the band has taken. For those of you that weren’t impressed with this album and haven’t heard “The Sickness”, pick it up and enjoy the real Disturbed.



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