Release Date: February 25, 2003
Reviewed by Vin Cherubino

Cinder has that old Stone Temple Pilots “Core” sound that many a fan of STP have been waiting for to hear again. Produced by legendary rocker Scott Weiland, and super producer Jay Baumgarder (Seether, Boysetsfie), Cinder attempts to bring back a sound that has almost long since been forgotten, and succeeds on just about every level.

The singer sounds very similar to Scott Weiland, and even though Scott does lend his vocal talent throughout the album (I think), he reproduces the same intonation that Scott has, adding a gritty, powerful element to each song. The lyrics vary in quality on different songs. On songs like “Soul Creation “, the lyrics are perfectly molded into the song, very catchy, and worthy of your utmost attention. Meanwhile, “Whistlin Pete” sounds very simplistic and somewhat rushed, but ends up being a decent track to listen to anyway.

The title track “Break Your Silence”, is incredibly impressive. Even though the song isn’t as aggressive and heavy hitting as some of the other tracks, it’s one of the strongest. It has one of those choruses that stick with you in your head throughout the day. The song “Consuela” is one of those harder edge songs that provide a great atmosphere to let your aggression out. “Ugly” is another beautifully heavy song that deserves attention, not because of the underlying Columbine influence, but from the quality of the song itself. The album as a whole is rounded out in a fantastic way, having a few acoustical tracks mixed in with the heavy hitters.

To me and many other STP fans, everything they do is great, but there has always been a part inside me and many others that crave more music in the fashion of “Core”. This album caters to those craving that sound. With a little exposure, Cinder can go a long way. Look for them to be in demand whenever the album does finally get released.

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