Chris Cornell – Carry On

Release Date: June 5, 2007
Reviewed by Jeff Brinn

Just as Audioslave seemed to be gaining speed in the song writing area Chris Cornell abruptly pulls the plug and sadly leaves fans high and dry. Luckily not wasting any time enjoying the plush rock star life Cornell has quickly spewed out another solo album and surprisingly it ain’t that damn shabby.

No one can claim that Cornell isn’t a down right monster on the microphone but as a solo artist he seems to have never really captured the power he unleashed in his hey days of Sound Garden. Audioslave seemed to have some how made sense and even turned out some pretty rockin tunes but with all good things that end fans have been left with only a few albums and no real answers to why the sudden demise.

Carry On easily proves that Cornell has become a very multi-influenced artist that isn’t scared to explore all walks of music and that seems pretty damn hard to find these days. All the hard edged grooves are here that you have come to expect and with Cornell’s voice having seemed to stand the test of time we can only hope that he has more tricks up his tattered sleeves. As a solo album Carry On captures Cornell still testing the waters of R&B and other obvious outlets of creativity while still remaining firm footed as a very strong vocalist in the rock’n’roll realm.

If you’re seeking the next self indulgent solo album from another untalented over rated artist like most of the consumer public then Carry On will not be your thang.


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