Chevelle – Vena Sera

Release Date: April 3, 2007
Reviewed by Jeff Brinn

You always have to be weary when bands make a drastic image change when releasing their new slab of musical creativity to the masses. By the looks of the new Chevelle it would seem these chaps are seeking a new and improved more fashionable edge of fans but worry not Vena Sera is a killer of a release all the same.

Mixing their patent groove driven sound that fans have come to love these so-called Nu-Metal survivors are beginning to reach a whole new level of excellence that buries most of their competition with ease.

Mixing a very powerful production with the deep rooted grooves that Chevelle have come to be respected for Vena Sera easily shows what a few years of maturity can accomplish. Sure their obvious deep rooted influence of Tool can’t help but breath thru at times but all the same Chevelle still maintain a sound that is all their own. Other rock acts that have made some what of an impact in the last few years have fallen prey to trend following images and lack luster album releases while Chevelle have stepped well ahead of the rest with incredibly crafted tunes and very little media hype.

Vena Sera is Chevelle at their finest so if your still seeking good straight forward Modern rock with out all that American Idol “look at me I’m cool” shit then just cough up that 15 bucks and get the real deal.


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