Release Date: March 9, 2004
Reviewed by Jeff Brinn

Founding member Nikki Sixx of the multi-platinum Motley Crue has joined forces with one of L.A.’s most premiere Guitarists Tracii Guns to unleash a toxic mixture of hard rock and metal. Other members include Veteran drummer Scot Coogen and total unknown lead singer London LeGrand making a well-balanced group of hooligans rounding out a very savage lineup. (Drummer Kris Kohls of ADEMA plays drums on half the album).

BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION take the gutter sound of the eighties metal sound and mix it with a blend of modern aggression that packs a mean punch. Their first exposure was a song firmly titled “Shut The Fuck Up” featured in a skateboard film and from there we have now a very powerful debut that has the rock world buzzing. “Here Come The Brides” is a down and dirty release that showcases what the music world has desperately been missing for a to long now, a truly dangerous band of excessive sounds that cuts the ear like a rusty razor. Such cuts as “I Don’t Care”, “2 Times Dead”, and “Natural Born Killers”, bring the listener into the world of shameless excess that has all but been erased from modern rock. Easily this band of sleazy rockers could have been quickly tossed into the world of the cut out bins but to much surprise they have released a very top notch album that is far from nostalgic.

Fans of such acts as Motley Crue and the Murder Dolls will be very happy with BRIDES OF DESTRUCTION to say the least.

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