Released: August 27, 2002
Reviewed by Vin Cherubino

Hollywood Records is about to release a storm with Breaking Benjamin’s new CD “Saturate”. Saturate presents a dark mood pressed upon an all out hard rock atmosphere. The riffs are a chug fest filled with metal favored palm muting. Lyrical screams are top notch, and fit right in with the music.

The CD was able to get my head moving on quite a few occasions. Acoustic parts add diversity amongst the aggression, and add an extra element to the music. When some of the songs start to sound a little repetitive and similar to most mainstream rock out there, the band throws in a little twist or two with a beat change that really enhances things. Although there is plenty of aggression, there is also plenty of laid back moments, comparable to music played by bands like Course Of Nature. The aggressive parts really make me just want to get up and trash. I was a bit skeptical of the CD at first because of the band name, the name seems just a little too odd, but I have really started to get into it.

The music has just as much quality as any popular artist in the same genre. Influences from bands such as Tool can be heard, making the music seem all so familiar and palatable. Enjoyable, pleasing, and an overall wonderful CD to pop into your CD player at any given time. A great buy for any hard rock music go-er.

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