Release Date: October 30, 2007
Reviewed by Mirak Habbiyyieh

Bloosimple are back with their second release Red Harvest. Tim Williams has always been influenced by Jim Morrison (The Doors), so much so that at the beginning of the first song of the album “Ride With Me” he uses a few lyrics by him. Tim’s own vocal style with a hint of Morrison, to me is what makes Bloodsimple so different. Tim’s vocals are very unique to me and I could probably pick him off any album he sings on. In combining Tim’s vocals/lyrics to the rest of the bands abilities, they have created an awesome collection of songs for Red Harvest.

Red Harvest has my attention from beginning to end. Brutal vocals styles with melody mixed in. The slamming guitar riffs go hand in hand with the pounding drums throughout the whole album. Heavy songs that you can sing along too are just an added bonus. Tracks that stand out are Dead Man Walking, Out To Get You, Whiskey Bent And Hellbound.

I listen to it all the time from beginning to end and not many albums have an effect on me, like Red Harvest does. If you were a fan of their previous release “Cruel World” then this album should be sitting right next to it in your collection.

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