Release Date: June 5, 2007
Reviewed by Mirak Habbiyyieh

Wes Borland is back, but this time it’s not for the Nookie. Borland brings a new twist to the music scene with Black Light Burns, (Rock/Industrial), which is significantly different from his other bands/projects Limp Bizkit and BigDumbFace. Black Light Burns brings Borland to the front as a serious musician showing his many different styles and tastes.

The album starts off with “Mesopotamia” with a industrial/euro pop sound thats very up beat. “Animal” comes next and seems very radio friendly, and by that I mean, I totally see this song being huge for radio play. “Lie” would have to be my favorite song, starts off mellow with a great build into a nice heavy riffs and grungy vocals.
This template goes on for the next few songs. “The Mark” brings back a few guitar sounds that reminded me of Limp Bizkit, the kind of riff you can’t get out of your head. Cruel Melody comes to an end with two very mellow chill type songs, with the last being an instrumental.
This was a great way to end this album in doing so it also shows a softer side of Borland that we haven’t heard before.

Overall I thought Cruel Melody is a great album and welcome any open minding music fan to give it a chance. This would be a great listen for fans of Nine Inch Nails for sure, with a hint of Beck.

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