Released: October 17, 2006
Reviewed by Scott Olivenbaum

Call it luck, call it fate, whatever, As I Lay Dying is the perfect band for the moment. On their third full-length release the group has successfully combined elements of every big rock scene out there right now into one polished package.

As they keep working the road, they will find fans across the genres and should grow into one of the biggest hard rock bands of the decade. Shadows Are Security, their new album, is a melting pot of emocore/post hardcore, thrash and Swedish metal. The cuts on the disc are quick pummeling attacks with a melodic groove pushing them along and binding them together.

While the groove may have its roots in Gothenberg, the hoarse, yelled lyrics and clean chorus breaks are pure American emocore. The few clean sing-along breaks provide welcome respite from the thrash-fueled kick-and-punch breakdowns.

Shadows is much like Frail Words Collapse in that the songs run together easily yet leave the listener craving more as they fly by so quickly. It is a quality that makes it difficult to pick single-worthy songs. The one song that will certainly satisfy fans of Frail Words is “Through Struggle” with its weaving guitars, pit-worthy breakdown and freight train vocals. An open, sing-along chorus makes “The Darkest Nights” the track that should get the most radio and music television airplay.

The crossover appeal of this metalcore band is not to be denied. As the lines between genres continue to blur, As I Lay Dying has laid themselves across the laps of the different scenester kids riding in the backseat out on a school night. Shadows is one cd that everyone can agree to keep in the car and nod their heads along with the double bass cadence.

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