Released: September 5, 2001
Reviewed by Andy Schwegler

Not being much into punk except for a few bands, it was a little bit harder to write a review on a punk album. Lately all that has been force fed to the general masses has been weak, barely passable pop-punk that lacks any substance. This band though, my friends, is everything but pop. It’s fast, loud, and obixous. The way all punk should be.

Musically this band is really tight on the recording, belting out some wild guitar riffs resembling the good old 80’s solos. Every song is extremely fast (with the exception of the last song) but they are able to slow it down for some melody and then pick right back up. They really have a hyper H2O sound but a much more aggressive vocalist. The overall structure of the music isn’t too complex with exception to some guitar improv, but it really seems to work on this disc. My only gripe seems to be with the vocals. While they are a breathe of fresh air from the whiny pop punk, I would like to hear some more variance in his voice. It is totally aggressive, which some people absolutely love but to this reviewer, a more melodic voice would seem to fit this style of music of fast to slow to fast tempo. The layered vocals and screams seem to be placed throughout the disc well though.

Some favorites include “This is me hating you” and “Morningleaver” which is the fastest song on the album. So if you really like the pop side of punk then please stay away from this album, it is definitely not for you. If you are into aggressive vocals and a really fast sound then pick this album up if it’s available in your area, you won’t be disappointed.

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