Release Date: October 13, 2009
Reviewed by Evelyn Miska

Yes, Rocket to the Moon is another band on the Fueled By Ramen label (Pete Wentz’s label). Yes, many of their songs sound like the somewhat generic pop-rock that fills the radio airwaves. Yes, it isn’t the most creative music you’ll ever come across and, yes, some of their lyrics are problematic. The bigger issue? Despite all these detriments, some of their songs are actually catchy and, while they’re definitely guilty pleasures, some toe-tapping might even occur. Sure, all the guys in the band have those babyish, boyish faces that will make teenage girls swoon and the themes barely go beyond the idea of lost love, but for what it is, it’s done well and there’s something to be said for that.

“Annabelle” is one of those tracks that will immediately appeal to that teenage “I don’t care” attitude. As predicted, the theme centers on lost love and moving on with a sugary coating. “Mr. Right” follows in the similar vein of unrequited love though it doesn’t have quite the pop-y entertainment value as “Annabelle.”

“On A Lonely Night” actually pulls in a few other influences with a little slide guitar and some country touches which make for a nice feature. It may not stand out against some of the other more saccharine songs, but it proves that the band might be able to go beyond this one style with which they appear to be so comfortable.

“Like We Used To” is clearly one of the best tracks on the album, if only from an “earwig” perspective. The melody and vocals are very catchy even if not terribly inventive. What’s the most grating part of the song; however, are the unfulfilled rhymes. It is one thing to have a song’s lyrics not rhyme but to spend most of the verse rhyming and then suddenly drop in a line that doesn’t fit at all is jarring and annoying. Pick one of the other.

No, On Your Side probably won’t be one of those albums that people are still listening to in 20 years, but it’s mostly fun for the moment. Additionally, there are those moments where it is clear that this doesn’t have to be the only sort of album the band writes. Sure, they’re good at writing this sort of sugary, fun songs, but it seems that there might be enough talent here and glimpses of something more that the band might want to pursue. Who knows, maybe that is an album that will stand up to time.

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