Released: August 5, 2003
Reviewed by Scott Olivenbaum

Detroit’s Arizing is one of the most appealing rock bands that you probably have never heard of. While big in Michigan, this quintet of post-college age kids has yet to make the national scene. But, with the release of a four song EP called Advance, their brand of sugary sweet emo rock is sure to tempt kids across the country.

Much like the group Watashi Wa, Arizing takes post-hardcore emo music and injects it with a huge helping of melody. The result is ear candy that appeals to pop, rock and emo fans alike. This is not to say that the band is making chick music; Arizing proves that they can amp things up on two of the four tracks – “Pinky Swear” and “Sour Patch Kid” – but throughout melody is key.

The one song that doesn’t quite fit the prototype that Arizing molded is “The Big L”. While it is still heavy on melody, rather than using a rock back for it, the band uses electro pop rock a la late ’80s-era Cure.

At just four songs, Advance is more of a tease than anything else. Arizing has only the barest bones of a blueprint laid out before them and what they build from it will determine if kids around the country tune in.

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