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World Through An Empty Soul – Interview with Ryan Martin of Smile Empty Soul

by Sonya Sutherland / Smile Empty Soul has that I did it for the Drugs (Bottom of the Bottle) single on the radio. Hailing from Southern California, these guys definitely aren’t from the Strip. No glam rock, no wild Girls, Girls, Girls. Just three guys laying down how the world looks through their eyes. […]

Fine Again in Detroit – Interview with Pat, Kevin, and Dale of Seether

by Sonya Sutherland / Seether, while recognized for their strong performance on Ozzfest, has just started to get a lot of hype since their single “Fine Again” peeked in commercial popularity. So what makes these guys different from the dozens of other hit single acts? What makes the difference is their heart and soul […]

Fear and Loathing in Detroit – Interview with Neil of Socialburn

by Sonya Sutherland / What is your guys’ deal? What do you have out right now? Our debut release is where you are, that’s I guess what we have going on right now. The single down is coming to a halt and were focusing on the next single which is everyone comes out on […]

Being a Role Model – Interview with Talib Kweli

by Sonya Sutherland / Schwegweb: What are the three most important issues facing America today? Talib Kweli: I think the marriage of media, like news, and big business. I think racism. And I think greed, obesity, things like that. A lot of kids look up to you, right? Do you think artists have a […]

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