Our Lady Peace – 04-07-12 – St Andrews Hall, Detroit, MI

Written By Nathan Holt
Photo By Nathan Holt

Making a stop in Detroit on their Urban Grind Tour, Canadian superstars Our Lady Peace played to a sold out Saint Andrews Hall on April 7th. Opening up the show was The Pack A.D. who was also from Canada, who sounds like a White Stripes mix with The Black Keys. The duo put on an energetic forty minute performance and got the crowd ready for the main attraction: Our Lady Peace.

The band had an expansive setlist with songs off every album except Spiritual Machines and Healthy in Paranoid Times, but focused on their newest album to be released later this month: Curve. The set included: “Allowance,” “Fire In The Hen House,” “Innocent,” “One Man Army,” “Superman’s Dead,” “Blister,” “Naveed,” “Is Anybody Home?,” an acoustic version of “Thief” with only singer Raine Maida and guitarist Steve Mazur, “Find Our Way,” “Rabbits,” “Clumsy” and “Heavyweight.” After leaving the stage, the band came back for an encore of “As Fast as You Can,” “Paper Moon,” “Monkey Brains” and “4am,” in which Raine climbed the speakers to the balcony to sing with the audience while hanging off the edge. After returning to stage and leaving again, they performed another encore with “Starseed.”

Lighting was nifty with bright LED lights on the floor that moved and projectors in the balcony that made for interesting and unique visual effects during songs. The band sounded amazing too, hitting almost every song with recording quality sound. The venue seemed to reverberate at times as every voice sang along with the band. It was also a special night since it was drummer Jeremy Taggart’s birthday, which the band offered him a cake on stage. The best way to describe the overall show was this: During “Superman’s Dead,” Raine asked the crowd: “This is what I want for you guys and for ourselves. I want this to be the best show of the tour.” And it was.

Our Lady Peace performs on April 7th, 2012 at the St Andrews Hall in Detroit, Michigan



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