Jonny Lang perform on April 7th, 2011 in support of “Live At The Ryman” at The Fillmore Charlotte in Charlotte, North Carolina – photos by Richard Thigpen

3 thoughts on “Jonny Lang – 04-07-11 – The Fillmore Charlotte, Charlotte, NC

  1. I have followed Jonny’s career for many years, and I have seen him in concert here in Oregon. I just love Jonny and I think he’s one of today’s most talented entertainers ever!

  2. I am trying to keep an eye on the concert schedule and his whereabouts because it’s just not the same without coming to see you and listen to Jonny Lang perform! You amaze me and I cant’ wait to see you perform again! One of Your loving fans, Linda

  3. I have said so much about you and your outstanding performances to people and I simply enjoy watching and listenting that I wanted to tell you in writing! Please keep happening to us!!! Thank You, Linda

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