Over here at Paper Garden we’ve been quietly rejoicing about the latest project that Tom Hagerman of DeVotchka has been working on, namely, the release of two new solo records. Hagerman plays a variety of instruments for Devotchka, including the violin, accordion, piano and melodica, and this same multi-instrumental feel pervades his sophomore solo record “Idle Creatures”. Hagerman released “The Breakfast Playground” in 2008, and is concurrently releasing an album called “Water Music” that is composed of selections from an original score he composed for the documentary “Where Have All The Mermaids Gone?”.

The albums will be officially released on December 6th, 2011, which will be a welcome addition to the ears of fans who are used to waiting a solid two to three years between DeVotchka albums. Fans can look forward to the same orchestral, chamber music feel in “Idle Creatures”, mixed with elements of pop and eclectic world and folk music that DeVotchka is well-known for creating.

The physical release of “Idle Creatures” is currently available in a 3 CD bundle along with “The Breakfast Playground” and “Water Music” or as an individual purchase at the DeVotchka webstore. However, buying in bulk might be a good idea as the bundle of all three CDs does include a signed, limited edition poster for the the first 100 orders only! Orders will start shipping within the coming week.

While the album should be listened to in full in order to really grasp Hagerman’s brilliance, if we had to choose just one track to give you an idea of the sound, it’s going going to be, “Granny Old Wound”, which has been a near constant soundtrack for us since we first heard it.

Sample clips from “Idle Creatures” are available on through Amazon.com and can be heared here.

For more information about Tom Hagerman in general and his new releases, check out his Facebook page.

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