Aspiring to have each released record be the catalyst of their time, THE AUDITION push forward, but have sowed their roots in hopes to sprout inspiration for their latest Victory Records release, Great Danger.

“We wanted a combination of all three albums,” notes singer Danny Stevens.

“We wanted to give something to the fans, but didn’t want to stray too far, of course, from our previous albums. Something that we knew people would enjoy and something that would compliment the rest of our catalog.”

Fashioned in 2003, Windy City quartet THE AUDITION went through a myriad of hurdles before its current lineup was complete. Drummer, Ryan O’Connor and bassist, Joe Lussa recruited guitarist, Seth Johnson to polish their original lineup. Local shows with bands like Fall Out Boy, June, Spitalfield, and The Academy Is… propelled the band to minor fame, and soon Victory Records took notice of the hometown favorites. Within weeks of the band’s showcase in O’Connor’s parent’s basement, the band was signed. However, only a mere month had passed before the band decided to part ways with their lead singer. Local scene and Motor City native, Danny Stevens stepped up to fill a permanent position that he and THE AUDITION had been looking for.

After the recording was complete, the band added guitarist, Tim Klepek to bring the intricate guitar parts to life during their live performances. THE AUDITION enjoyed a wave of success with Controversy Loves Company, which has reached over 57,000 copies sold and is still climbing parallel to the band’s relentless touring schedule. Following the release of their sophomore album, Champion, THE AUDITION hit the road with the likes of Jack’s Mannequin, Cobra Starship, Boys Like Girls, The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and 30 Seconds to Mars. In the midst of recording Self-Titled Album in 2008, THE AUDITION’s original bassist, Joe Lussa left the band. Although they had Self-Titled out for the world to hear, the change of Lussa to Klepek on bass sparked a flame that would not burn out. The now current line up inspired the four-some to write an album that would excite fans and one that was reminiscent of Controversy. “We just felt like we did everything we could with Self-Titled Album. We had new songs and we were ready to record,” says Johnson. Hoping to create a sound that reflected a band reemerging, Great Danger was born.

In this installment, THE AUDITION prides themselves over their effort to self-produce Great Danger. “With this album, all of the music except for ‘Runaway’ was done by Seth and Ryan,” says Stevens. “They would put together the skeleton and I would brainstorm lyrics. It’s a very collaborative effort. There’s no one songwriter in this band – it’s all of us.” Unlike their previous albums, THE AUDITION takes a much more relaxed approach to recording. “It was really nice to be able to write at home and not have to work in a studio or at someone’s house,” adds Stevens.

Although THE AUDITION grew up amongst the brat pack of Midwestern “scene” bands from the last decade, they have surpassed their contemporaries in songwriting, story-telling and mesmerizing live shows. With three critically-acclaimed and addictive power-pop records in their arsenal, they continue to build their reputation as a powerhouse of talent with Great Danger, out March 16, 2010.

THE AUDITION is currently supporting This Providence on a US Tour.
— The remainder of dates can be seen below. —
Apr 23, 2010       W. Dundee, IL @ Clearwater Theater
Apr 24, 2010       Milwaukee, WI @ The Rave Bar
Apr 25, 2010       Minneapolis, MN @ Triple Rock
Apr 27, 2010       Denver, CO @ Marquis Theatre
Apr 28, 2010       Salt Lake City, UT @ Murray Theater
Apr 30, 2010       Boise, ID @ The Venue
May 1, 2010        Seattle, WA @ Showbox

Tour Dates with The Bigger Lights:
May 2, 2010       Spokane, WA @ The Blvd
May 3, 2010       Billings, MT @ The Railyard
May 5, 2010       Sioux Falls, SD @ Nutty’s North
May 6, 2010       Des Moines, IA @ House of Bricks

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